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Skin Needling

Skin needling has been scientifically proven to work with the skin’s natural functions to stimulate regeneration leading to an overall improved appearance of the skin.

Microscopic breaks are created in the papillary or reticular dermis of the skin, stimulating the release of blood platelets which release a series of growth factors and initiates the wound healing process. A new, natural collagen and elastin network and a thicker epidermis can be expected as a result, with very little down time.

This procedure does not damage the skin. It protects the epidermis and stimulates natural collagen synthesis. Topical local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

Skin needling is known by various names in the medical and cosmetic industry, including Dermal-rolling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction, Collagen Stimulation Therapy and Collagen Induction Therapy to name a few. The definition of skin needling can be explained as tiny needle punctures that, depending on the length of the needle used, are made through the outermost layer of the skin to create microscopic breaks in the blood vessels immediately beneath the surface of the epidermis.

Who founded it and why?

The results of the needling were first observed by chance through the tattooing of face lift scars for camouflage. Today, Environ Skin Care founder Dr Des Fernandes is known as the global guru of non-invasive skin needling and has almost 20 years of experience with this popular skin rejuvenating treatment. He first started experimenting with needling in 1994 and designed what we know as today’s roller in 1997 on a flight to Cape Town.

What are the different types of Environ needling and how are they different?

Depending on the indication, a variety of needle lengths can be used. Environ has two different types of needling: Cosmetic (0.1mm – .02mm) and Medical (1mm – 1.5mm).

Cosmetic needling is perfectly designed to use daily, as part of a professionally recommended home regime to aid the absorbtion of Environ’s topically applied, vitamin enriched skin care products.

Medical needling is performed by trained skin care professionals, such as our great staff at Bella Bina. Your skin needs to be prepared on Vitamin A, C and E for a minimum of three to four weeks in order the get the best results. Strict home care and treatment protocols need to be followed by both Bella Bina’s practitioners and yourself.

Skin Needling Benefits

  • Cosmetic needling allows for enhanced product absorption leading to improved results.
  • No discomfort after the treatment.
  • ‘Healing’ phase is short. Medical needling: 2-3 days.
  • Safe on all skin types and all ages.
  • Safe on all photo types.
  • Can be done on laser resurfaced skin.
  • Can be done on all areas of the body.
  • It can safely be repeated for better results.

Prior to your Skin Needling Treatment

Medical needling is performed by trained skin care professionals. Your skin needs to be prepared on Vitamin A, C and E for a minimum of three to four weeks in order the get the best results.